Our Process

We like to keep communications open because we know it works best that way.

Our QBCC number is 1254398

Our HIA membership is 564286

Our ABN is 93 161 422 626

Personally managing your project can take up a good deal of time and extra footwork if you’re not familiar with the processes involved. We offer expertise in a variety of matters to make this process less costly for you in time and money.

  • Lodging applications and gaining approvals for town planning, demolition, driveways, plumbing and providing professional advice where necessary.
  • Setting up new service connections including water, sewers, gas and electricity.
  • Facilitating engineering, soil testing and energy efficiency reports.
  • Project managing the construction of your new home, extension or renovation.

Our relationships with various trades and suppliers gives you great buying power for your fixtures and fittings and because we deal with council bodies regularly, it allows us to cut through the red tape more easily ... which means you can enjoy your new project sooner.


The following steps are typical of most projects from a new kitchen to a new home: 

At Concept Stage we meet or chat to discuss what you are looking for. If you have your preferred specifications and an idea of your budget you’ll get the most out of this meeting. If you want, we can often suggest how to incorporate other features into your project and even ways to save you money. 

If we all like what we see and hear, we move onto Design Stage: We can refer you to a number of very skilled designers and architects who work very efficiently with us and who share our project philosophy. With you, they will develop your ideas and produce plans suitable for the next stage of engineering, approvals and construction. Better plans mean fewer unpleasant surprises during construction so during this time, we will work with you also to ensure best building practice which maximises your result and minimises your costs.

Now that we all have an understanding of what outcomes are required, we move onto Quote Stage: Once plans have been engineered, we will prepare a fixed price quote and provide an estimate of the time it will take to construct your project. Preparation of a plain-speak quote usually takes around 10 to 15 days, but if your project is large or complex, it may take longer to get it just right for you. Changes to the plans or your specifications are generally less expensive if negotiated at this stage, but we understand that things change so we review the process with you at milestones along the way.

After final quotes are accepted, we move to Contract Stage where we prepare a contract which suits the size and type of your project which we give to you to check and review prior to signing.

All going well, it’s finally Construction Stage where a deposit payment is made, we collect copies of the approved plans from your certifier and commence the exciting construction stage. It is at this time that we will begin to order materials and services from our suppliers. We understand how important it is to complete your project on budget and within the agreed timeframe and always strive to deliver that for you, but sometimes variations (changes) are either required or requested and these can have an impact on both your total cost and the completion date. Our open communication philosophy ensures that you will always be aware of any such changes. 

After all the hard work is completed you’ll know most of us personally by then and we’ll move onto the nice part called Handover. Following completion of your project you will pay the balance of the contract price and for any outstanding variations that were agreed and approved. We always strive for a perfect result and we inspect and rectify any defects as required by the contract and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. At this point, you want results that exceeds your expectations and we want happy clients, so if you’re happy, so are we.